Get Free. Stay Free. Live Free

Do you...

· Stress out about how you’ll ever pay off your debts when there already isn’t enough to cover           everything?

· Worry about how you’ll educate your kids, have the home you want or live the lifestyle you want         when there is nothing left to save?

· Wake up at night fretting about what needs to be paid, what must be paid, what the kids need       … and you can’t breathe - or at least it feels like that?

· Wonder if you will ever get your life back and experience the life you once dreamed of, if             you’ll get to take that trip, go to that concert or just be able to treat those you love without feeling       guilty?

If you said yes… it’s time!

It’s time to Just Friggin’ Destroy the Debt in your life
before it destroys you!

The truth is debt destroys more than just your future earnings

and the money it eats up in interest payments.

Debt destroys life because it destroys your dreams.

Don’t waste anymore of your precious life being held back by debt.

Claim back your life!


What if …

… breaking free from your debt was as easy as getting into debt?

… staying debt free and creating wealth felt as effortless as being with an old friend?

It’s easier than you think…

I know, because I turned a pile of debt into a life of freedom and financial peace of mind and have shown thousands of others how to do the same, no matter how far down the debt hole they thought they were.

So what exactly is JFDI?

JFDI! is how you break free from debt and stay free forever.

With JFDI you will be debt free in 3 to 7 years no matter your starting point and feel free from stress right away knowing you’ve got this sorted forever.

Your debt free life is created through 28 easy to follow and implement steps, organised into 4 transformative stages.

Having helped thousands of people break free from debt, stay free and go on to create abundant wealth, I have extracted the things that you need to focus on so you don’t waste any more time and condensed these into an intensive 4-week debt destruction virtual bootcamp.

Inside JFDI you will:

·  Create your own unique break free from debt plan based on your       numbers, not some theoretical idea, with clear actionable steps and         timelines to be debt free;

·  Develop a deep understanding of exactly how you got into and              stayed in debt in the first place;

·  Recognise the behaviours, beliefs and emotions that led to creating    debt and prevented you from destroying it before now;

·  Identify your unique spend triggers and create new strategies to          deal with your emotional spend triggers so you never again get                  hooked;

·  Implement a tactical roadmap of the exact steps and actions you      need to take to get to your debt free life;

·  Get coaching and support from others who have been exactly where        you are and came out the other side debt free; and

·  Receive the support of people who believe in you and your dream     to ensure you make it to the end of the path.

You will get the most advanced debt destruction strategies & tools through:

·  daily emails, and tasks to keep you focused and taking action;

·  online classroom providing you all the tools and resources you need to make your debt-blitzing            effective and efficient;

·  a weekly audio masterclass teaching you lasting debt blitzing strategies and importantly the                mindset to create your freedom and stay free;

·  daily and weekly challenges to keep you motivated;

·  Q&A to ensure you have all the support you need and stay moving towards your debt free life;

·  a powerful, supportive, private facebook community who get what you’re going through, who      have been through it too and who will support you and help you achieve your debt free dream too.

No Slipping Back!

If taking control of money and breaking free of your debt forever was just a matter of following a list of tips and tricks and logical processes, you wouldn’t be in the debt you are in now.

Mastering your money is personal. It’s emotional. The environment you live in, your support network and peer group, your mindset and your relationship with money, play a far bigger role than most “financial experts” are willing to admit.

JFDI! combines the tactical and the emotional to ensure
you not only break free from debt but also
stay free and create real sustainable wealth instead.

take back control of your life so you get to BE FREE?

Yes Ann I'm ready, sign me up NOW!


three convenient payments of $34

Give yourself the gift of having your life back.

"This stuff is like gold itself" 

“This stuff is like gold itself, when it comes to changing the way you view, manage and improve your finances ... I've taken so much action in just a few days of learning from Ann, I just feel "different" and much more positive around my relationship with wealth!! If anyone isn't sure whether to try it ... Don't hesitate!! Just Freaking Do It!!!””

Darran Hughes

A Note from Ann …

I am sure nobody has ever told you - “Spend less than you earn and don’t use credit!!!” Yeah right. If it was that easy, no-one would be in debt.

Getting out of debt is complicated | There are emotional variables at play

If I asked a large group of people how to pay off $50,000 in debt, I would get almost as many suggestions as people. 90% of the suggestions would fall into the category of seriously woo-woo or too broad to be helpful; about 5% would be “crash debt diets” and the remainder would be sensible solutions, sound logical strategies that should work, but just don’t.

The reason they don’t work is because they ignore the emotional part and deal only with the numbers, most of which we already know.

Getting out of debt requires you to be armed with some basic factual information and deal with the numbers, but it also needs two more vital ingredients:

· Real strategies to deal with the emotional struggles that will arise;

· Support from people who will help you do what you know is right;

That is what JFDI will give you -

the strategy and support to free yourself

Feel confident knowing you can
free yourself from Debt.
JFDI will show you how.

Don’t take our word for it - read the feedback ...

“A weight has been lifted. I’ve paid off £58,000 of debts”


Charlotte Appletonneeschofield, UK

“Ann gave me the confidence to move forward”


Jo-Ann, South Africa

“Cleared £8000 in debt saving nearly £1000 a year in interest.”

Angela Durrant, UK

Here’s what we will cover in JFDI

Part 1 - Whose life is it anyway?


We get straight down to business, getting to the core of exactly why you want this and exactly what it is you really want from your life.

· You uncover who’s been in the driving seat and where that’s taken you.

· You discover your old money flow patterns and why you got into debt in the first place so you know how    to never go back there again.

· You learn how to take the money controls back and give your money great leadership so it can support      you instead of enslaving you.

· You discover how to get your loved ones supporting you on your debt blitzing journey and be raring to          leap on board too.

Part 2 - More light please!


It’s time to get it all out of the closet, shine a big bright light on the debt in your life and see the numbers.

· You identify every debt you owe and understand it’s impact and restrictions

· You find out what the financial world thinks of your money management by getting and reviewing            your credit reports,

· You learn the most effective and easiest ways to track your spending; and

· You decide which debts you hate the most and how to be free of them very quickly.

This is when you stop just talking about it and change things forever.

Part 3 - Show me the Money!


Your personal Debt Blitzing Plan gets sorted and put into overdrive.

Now that you really want this and know what you are dealing with, it’s time to get smart and throw everything you have at it.

· You learn how to master money and keep more of it in your life;

· You discover and implement multiple tactical and emotional strategies to get more value and free up      money to blitz your debt even faster.

· We’re talking about smart spending plans, squeezing the juice, using the STDTM factor, and ensuring          you get value for every dollar, rand, pound, euro or pence that flows out of your life.

· You determine exactly what kind of spender you are, identifying your emotional spend triggers and            implementing cool ways to manage them. You also find the extra money to destroy that debt forever.            Believe me ... it is always there.

Part 4 - Making it stick!


You’ve worked hard, you are well on your way to being debt free, you’ve got loads of automated systems and strategies in place to support you and make this journey easier - but your break free journey is far from over.

· You discover why most people end up back in debt even with the best intentions and enthusiasm and        what you need to do to ensure that never happens to you.

· You put in place powerful momentum strategies to make sure your story is an inspiration to others.

· You learn new ways to deal with and think about money and your wealth, including turning your old          debt behaviours into powerful wealth creation patterns which will take you way beyond debt free to your        financial freedom.

· Most importantly, you learn ways to bounce back quickly from some of the “life happens” stuff that         will come your way so they don’t derail your dreams; and

· You set up a series of wealth habits to keep you on track and take you to where you deserve to be.

Imagine what it feels like to finally
experience debt free living

Imagine what it feels like to never have to worry about debt again, knowing you have your Blitzing plan in place.

No more night sweats. No more fights or frets about money. No more wondering how you will pay the bills.

This is exactly what you will have after just four weeks when you give yourself the gift of JFDI.


or 3 payments of $34

"The course was inspiring, focused, honest ..."

"I wanted to work on my negativity, fear and anger around money and get rid of my debt. I look back and congratulate myself for being brave, taking a leap of faith and trusting that I would be in the right hands. Boy was I ever!! The course was inspiring, focused, honest and quite simply set me on the road to success without judgement."

Susan Rodrigues | Australia

Hear real feedback - in their own words...

“Wow. What a Gift! For the first time ever we have a plan”

Debbie& Gary, UK

“I am debt free. If as a single mum I can do it, you can too.”


Maxine McKeown, UK

“$13000 of debt paid off … saved up and bought a second car cash”

Abigail Cole, Location

Commit to your debt free life today and get these BONUSES worth $221 to accelerate your debt free journey.

Freedom from Money Guilt and Shame – VALUE $97

Sometimes our past is the biggest obstacle to achieving out dream. More specifically, our emotions associated with things that happened in our past are the most powerful saboteurs to our freedom and to break free from Debt and create an abundant future – releasing yourself from guilt, shame and other negative emotions around money is vital. In this powerful programme – Ann Wilson and Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT) expert Cathy Vartuli show you how to use this incredibly powerful technique to liberate yourself forever.

Hungry to be Debt Free Guided Visualisation – VALUE $27

Energy flows where focus goes and in order to create the debt free future you want you need to direct focus and energy to what your debt free life will be like. To do this you need to see it, feel it and be excited about it which can be difficult if, right now, that feels like a fantasy land far away. The powerful "Hungry to be Debt Free" guided visualisation helps you create your compelling future which will pull you towards your debt free life and significantly increase your drive and momentum to keep taking the steps and actions to break free.

Believe and Receive Audio Series – VALUE $97

The “Believe and Receive” audio series, by Ann Wilson & Katherine Dever, wealth consciousness expert takes you on a journey of discovery of what you really want and how to believe that all you desire ABSOLUTELY is a reality for you. With "Believe and Receive" you'll understand deeply what you want, how your beliefs and thoughts can accelerate or seriously sabotage your debt free dream and how to align them to make your debt free life a certainty.


3 payments of $34

No risk to you


I understand I can use JFDI obligation free.

I will receive daily online access to the JFDI Training Portal and if I'm not 100% satisfied, i'll get all my money back no questions asked.

“What makes JFDI different from other Debt Blitzing
programmes out there?” you might ask:

Well …

·  We’re going to take an inside-out approach rather than an outside-in approach, unlike most                    financial education models. No amount of perfect spreadsheets or to the penny bank account                tracking is going to create your debt free life if you’ve got old, smelly stinky beliefs and money                 flow patterns preventing you from having the debt free life you want. Your debt blitzing actions              won’t stick unless you clear the cobwebs first. Most programs miss this critical piece which is why          84% of people who get out of debt end up back in debt within two years and we don’t want that              for you..

·  JFDI is designed to fit into your already full life. The programme is broken up into bite-sized chunks      of information and actions so you don’t get overwhelmed and to keep taking baby steps to your            freedom.

·  I’ve been in a place of financial mess and I turned it into Financial Freedom. I’ve also taught                     thousands of other how to do the same even when they believed there was no hope. When you             learn from someone who’s been where you are, there’s a deeper level of empathy, compassion              and connection because I have no judgment about whatever debt hole you may have gotten                  yourself into or how you got there. All that matters to me is that we get you out of there and                   back to living the life you know you should be living.

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Enjoy becoming a Wealth Chef

That’s it, once inside you have access to the JFDI. Get ready to rock and roll!

You don’t want to look back a year from now having made no improvements in your financial reality, with your debt even higher than it is right now and nothing more in savings to show for another year of work and life. The time is now.

Claim back your life. Break free from debt now.

Have questions?

Why would I spend money on this if I’m already in debt?

The $197 you’ll spend to completely break free from debt forever and create a whole new financial reality for yourself and those you love is a drop in the ocean compared to the amount of interest you’ll save by paying off your debt faster.

When you get the right strategy in place together with the skills and support to actually do it, you’ll pay off your debt far faster than you ever dreamed.

· How much is your freedom worth to you?

· How much is a life free of money worries worth to you?

· How much is knowing you and those you love can and will experience the life you       always dreamed of worth to you?

I’m guessing far more that $197.

The reality is we value thing we pay money for far higher than those things we get for free and by paying $197 you are far more likely to actually take action and break free from debt forever.

If you continue sitting around hoping your debt will magically disappear or that Prince Charming will come and pay it off for you, I’ve got news for you: it’s going to cost you a whole lot more than $197. It’s costing you your life!

I need someone to sit down with me and make sure I go through this stuff. I can’t learn it via an online course.

The only person ultimately responsible for your life and your financial well-being is you. If you won’t go through this material or take action on it because no one is making you do it, then save your money. JFDI is only for those willing to take action and create their own freedom because they understand that not doing so is significantly more painful that doing the work. This course won’t work unless you do.

I’ve tried other things before and they didn’t work.

Most financial courses, books, and teachers take a logical approach to breaking free from debt. They teach you some tools and techniques and logical thinking stuff. Having helped thousands of people break free from debt I’ve found that what holds most back from blitzing their debt and staying free is the emotional and what I call ”woo-woo” stuff. Being in debt isn’t logical, you know it is costing you – costing you money, time, sleep and peace of mind – so trying to break free from debt using only logical tools and techniques is madness.  This is why over 84% of people end up back in debt again. JFDI gives you both – the logical strategies and how-tos while addressing the core of your beliefs and behavioral challenges which got you into debt in the first place. You learn how to turn these around and get them working for you instead of against you.

I’m really bad with money and I don’t like numbers.
I don’t know if I have what it takes to be good with money and break free from debt.

Everyone has what it takes to be good with money and to break free from debt which is holding you back from experiencing the life you deserve. With JFDI you will discover that being debt free has very little to do with math and numbers and far more to do with mastering yourself. You also get the tools you need to make the “numbers” stuff far simpler than you may think it is.

Can I go through this course with my other half? I’m sick of us not being on the same page when it comes to our finances and we need to climb out of this debt hole together.

Absolutely. In fact I’ll go so far as to say your journey to debt free living will be significantly easier with your partner on board and supporting you. This is why in JFDI you get a powerful 7 Step Rally The Troops Strategy to get your partner, kids, parents and basically anyone that is important to you supporting your debt blitzing journey and be raring to leap on board too.

Claim back your life. Break free of debt now.


3 payments of $34

Final inspiration from Ann

Look, it doesn't matter to me if you invest in this training or not. It DOES, however, matter to me that you MAKE A DECISION about it before you jump off this page. Please don't let this be one more thing you need to "think about."

Nothing will keep you from your debt free life faster than delaying decisions.

As you will discover - TIME is one of your most important wealth ingredients so don’t waste any more of it on indecision. So YES or NO, trust that and move forward. If YES, Reserve your spot and make debt a thing of your past.


Earnings Disclaimer

We don’t believe in “get rich quick” programs – only in hard work, adding value, serving others with excellence and constancy, responsible and conscious leadership of your money and solid investments. Our programs are intended to help you master your money and get it supporting you so you can make a difference in your family, community and the world. Our programs take a lot of work and discipline just like any worthwhile endeavor or professional continuing education program. Please don’t register in our programs if you believe in the “money for nothing get rich quick” myth or ideology; we only want serious people dedicated to real professional development who want to add value and move humanity forward. As stipulated by law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. Your results in life are up to you. Agreed? We just want to help by giving great content, direction, and strategies. What we can guarantee is your satisfaction; we give you a 7-day 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you are not happy for any reason with the quality of our training, just ask for your money back. You should know that all products and services by our company are for educational and informational purposes only. Nothing on this page, any of our websites, or any of our content or curriculum is a promise or guarantee of results or future earnings, and we do not offer any legal, medical, tax or other professional advice. Any financial numbers referenced here, or on any of our sites, are illustrative of concepts only and should not be considered average earnings, exact earnings, investment recommendations or promises for actual or future performance. Making decisions based on any information presented in our products, events, services, or web site, should be done only with the knowledge that you could experience risk or losses just like any investment. Use caution and always consult your accountant, lawyer or professional advisor before acting on this or any information related to a lifestyle change or your business or finances. You alone are responsible and accountable for your decisions, actions and results in life, and by your registration here you agree not to attempt to hold us liable for your decisions, actions or results, at any time, under any circumstance. Anyway, all of our terms, privacy policies and disclaimers for this program and website can be accessed via the link below. It’s basic stuff — don’t think you’re guaranteed to make money easily or at all, understand there is risk in being an investor, — but we feel transparency is important, and we hold ourselves (and you) to an incredibly high standard of integrity. That’s why we also put our disclaimers on all our pages, why we give you our contact information for any questions, and why we give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Thanks for stopping by.


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